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Deau l.v.o la vie en or

DEAU L.V.O La Vie en Or


The taste of elegance and refinement. The gold standard.

L.V.O La Vie en Or represents the ultimate alliance between the resolutely modern DEAU decanter overlaid with pure 24-carat gold and the sumptuous cognac it preserves. L.V.O. La Vie en Or is gilded with the purest of gold leaf, hand laid by Arthus Bertrand, one of Paris finest jewelers, in keeping with the age-old tradition of award-winning guildsmen.The treasure of our company, L.V.O. is a blend of very old Grande Champagne cognacs aged in the cool stillness of our underground cellar embedded in limestone. Latently sensual with a deep amber hue, L.V.O. La Vie en Or reveals a tantalizing array of subtle flavors, with luscious aromas of ripe fruit and lingering spicy notes.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Please consume in moderation.

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