Discover the news of the Distillerie des Moisans.

Second life
for oaks

Huge oaks have been selected from our family Estate.

After several steps, such as a long natural drying, those wood pieces have been transformed at Vicard Cooperage. Its experience helps us to get 50 casks to add in our cellars in Sireuil.

Time will do the rest...

It symbolizes the link between wood, cognac and family businesses.

Les lumières de Paris

International Institute recognized to act for Paris, with other closed people were gather together at « Fouquet’s » on 17 of June 2021 and received :

Mr Guillaume GOMEZ, Représentant personnel du Président de la République and Ambassadeur de la Gastronomie Française, Chef des cuisines au Palais de l’Elysée from 2013 to this day ;

Attended by Mrs Catherine DUMAS, Sénatrice de Paris, Présidente d’honneur « des Lumières de Paris » ;

And Véronique LEGARET, Présidente de la Distillerie des Moisans.

Visit tour project

We are preparing a tour for people who desire to learn more about cognac and our family.

Some works have been already done. We welcome visitors to discover our world in a very charming and family style.

A big meeting room (capacity of 80 people) is available for seminar, business meeting or private event.

A little museum, a scent experience will be suggested to visitors. Our shop show-room is already working and opened Monday to Friday 10am-5pm.