The Mixologist

Cognac, the world's most refined eau-de-vie, is prepared in drinks in different ways around the globe, in both long and short cocktails. We wanted to bring a more contemporary image to cognac and add it to our Mixologist family.

We’re the first to create a range of products like the Mixologist. We take our expertise for cognac and apply it to other spirits including gin, rum, and absinthe.

The Mixologist

We decided to use an original and whimsical brand universe for our Mixologist products to spark the creativity of bartenders. We consider mixology to be an art that is timeless, fantastic, magical, and eccentric, and we put forward this idea in our brand identity.

The shape of our Apothek bottles is an elegant and refined reinterpretation of the apothecaries of yesteryear. They are also a nod to the tasting bottles that were used in the 17th century by winemakers to present their eau-de-vie to merchants in the Cognac region.

The Mixologist Products


URB'N is distilled by our Cellar Master with all the care given to our great cognacs, using the traditional Charentais still method.

Aged in old oak barrels for two years with a light and translucent color. It matures slowly and harmoniously for a cognac specially made for the world of mixology.

Its nose reveals notes of pear, green apple, peach and orchard fruits, with a bouquet of fresh fruit and a hint of vanilla on the palate.


Canoubier Caribbean Rum is made with a selection of high-quality traditionally grown sugar cane.

It is created with care using the purest traditional methods. The rum finishes aging in our old cognac barrels. Our Cellar Master’s experience in the aging process makes for a unique rum. Ideal for creating long and short cocktails.

Complex nose with notes of flowers, fruit, tropical fruit, banana, coconut, and vanilla. A mature palate with aromas of coffee, nutmeg, and cinnamon with a long, spicy, and oaky finish.


Trinidad and Tobago, with its British origins, is known for its great expertise in rum. 

Canoubier Trinidad Rum is created using traditional methods, with aging and maturation in cognac barrels in our cellars, giving it an array of aromas worthy of a great cognac.

Its beautiful amber color releases spicy aromas and a rich bouquet for a characterful rum. On the palate, tropical fruit and cinnamon flavors develop into sweeter notes in the finish.


Ginetic's complexity lies in the separate distillation of each botanical in our Charentais stills, after maceration of the ingredients in 40° neutral grain alcohol.

We keep our marvelous recipe a secret from jealous types, but we’ll reveal some of the botanical treasures that give Ginetic its subtle notes of berries, herbs and spices: juniper, Jamaican pepper, lemon peel, Spanish coriander, angelica and cinchona bark. Its unique flavors will surely inspire mixology enthusiasts.

Ginetic Dry Gin expresses fresh citrus, with heavy notes of juniper on the nose, as well as rose, pepper, botanicals, cinnamon, and cedar. The palate is supple with an explosion of flavors and a spicy finish. Enjoy it in a long drink and let the bubbles enhance the discovery.


Without denying its dry gin character, Ginetic Rose Gin revolutionizes the art of mixology for a look at life through rose-tinted glasses.

Ginetic Rose Gin has a delicious floral and fresh profile. An exceptional range of aromas and fabulous flavors from this blend of juniper and herbs. This characterful, pale pink gin is delicious and unique, exuding powerful aromas in a subtle balance of juniper, coriander, angelica, and lemon zest, enhanced with flavors of red berries. Ideal for preparing colorful and original cocktails.

The nose expresses notes of pepper enhanced with light aromas of fresh fruit. Smooth and soft on the palate, with a persistent aroma of juniper and subtle, fresh raspberry flavors.


Absinthe was a quintessential part of Belle Epoque society. It was revered by the art world that elevated the green fairy to the rank of muse. Today this iconic liqueur rises from its ashes to enchant our cocktails with its green color and unique aroma. 

The magical alchemy of plants and maceration: the botanicals are chosen for their great taste and slowly distilled. The expertise of the Master Blender brings all the qualities required for a great absinthe to our Pipette Verte. 

Pipette Verte is made by individual maceration of the spices and herbs in 45° neutral ethyl alcohol: green anise, fennel, wormwood, coriander, star anise and hyssop. Each maceration is then redistilled. The mixture is macerated a second time to obtain a natural color, with lemon balm, hyssop, and veronica. The result is then chill filtered. 

This traditional production method creates a very aromatic and refined product with a lovely bright olive-green color.

On the nose, our absinthe expresses notes of anise, licorice, fennel, and thyme, with herbal aromas and a fruity background. A complex palate with a subtle balance of anise and licorice and a vegetal finish.


Get to know our cocktails with the Mini Mixo boxes. Available in two versions with three 20 cl bottles: Canoubier, La Pipette Verte and Ginetic, or Canoubier, URB'N and Ginetic.